Will there be a new island coming to Fortnite before Chapter 4?

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Is there already a new island in the works for Fortnite?

There is a new expectation that with each passing Chapter of Fortnite that comes and goes, that the island will be completely updated to fit. The maps in Chapters 1, 2, and 3 have all been different and to fit that trend in changing islands, each one has had a codename.

The first island was Athena, the second island was Apollo, and the current island is Artemis. Well, data miners have found a fourth island name that seems to hint that the island will once again be changed relatively soon.

This island is called Asteria, and will seemingly be the island code name for whenever that may come. While it’s expected that the island will get a new look for Chapter 4, there seems to be some belief in the data miner community that the new island could be here as soon as Chapter 3 Season 5, with GMatrixGames on Twitter saying as much;

Fortnite should wait for Chapter 4 to implement a new island

Fortnite trying to change the map before Chapter 4 seems unnecessary at this point. The Chrome that’s consuming the island has given the entire map a whole new feel and with the possibility of constantly changing various landmarks over the next few seasons. That and when Season 5 launches in December, the map will once again take on its Christmas and holiday look, thus giving the island another new makeover.

Putting a new island this soon after getting one just doesn’t make a lot of sense. The folks at Epic Games would be better off making sure fans got fun stuff to do each season, and keeping each season to two months or so in the process.

Shorter seasons, bigger holiday themes, and more free goodies will make the need for a new map unnecessary this soon.

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