Watch can you do with the new Chrome feature in Fortnite season 4?

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What can you do with the new Chrome in Fortnite?

The Chrome is officially on the Fortnite island. It is a byproduct of the Reality Tree and the Zero Point, we think. There isn’t much known about it, where it came from or why it is now on the island but we do know who brought it here; The Bloom Watcher, aka The Harold.

The Bloom Watcher was the name given to the main villain of Chapter 3, Season 4 last season when fans saw the baddie at the end of the Season 3 trailer. We now know that the character’s name is The Herald and with her (we think) comes the Chrome. We saw The Herald take the shape of the new blob at the end of the trailer, thus confirming The Herald brought it to the Island, but why?

The new liquid metal isn’t just here to cause problems for the player base but to also give the players some aid in their fight for the Battle Royale crown.

What can you do with the Chrome?

The first thing you can do is splash it on yourself and use it to traverse the map at accelerated speeds. In this form, you can move faster than any player on foot, and you can even go airborne for a bit.

That’s not all, however, because if you’re covered in it, you can phase through the wall, and there by coating it in the Chrome. Once a piece of a building is covered in it, whether you cover it by going through it, or you splash the liquid metal on it with a canister, you can pass through it for the rest of the match.

You don’t even need to be covered in it once the wall is transformed.

That’s not all, however, as you can even harvest Chrome canisters. Once you find an object that’s already covered in it, or you douse a large thing with the Chrome, you can then harvest the Chrome to add more canisters to your collection.

Use an SMG on a Chrome-covered item and walk away with a dozen or so canisters. This may be a glitch, so do this while you can.

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