Fortnite is celebrating its fifth birthday in-game with so much cool stuff

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Fortnite is five-years-old on Sep. 26 and they’re celebrating early!

Fortnite has reached its fifth year and is celebrating the milestone right along with players. The developers have put in several quests to help celebrate the game’s birthdays, as well as new items that can be earned, and a whole host of iconic items to indulge in.

The first thing fans should know is that the game has brought in presents and cake. The presents work much like the Christmas gifts this past winter and envelop the player when thrown. Inside the gifts are a legendary weapon, some sort of health and some sort of shield consumable, plus a throwable weapon of some sort.

The cake pieces, which can be found on the ground around an indestructible giant cake, restore health and shield, and consuming them also helps complete one of the birthday-themed quests.

That’s not all, as the game has brought back the firework flare guns, as well as balloons to better traverse the island and the pizza boxes, which are great for restoring the health of multiple people at once.

Even the Battle Bus is in on the action, covered in streamers and a “5” candle that acts as the buses’ heat source to keep the balloon filled.

What are the Birthday Quests and what are the rewards?

The rewards are pretty easy to get and aren’t the best but if you’re not a fan of purchasing cosmetics then you’ll want to hop in on this. First, to get the Sparklecake Emoticon, you have to throw five birthday presents. This can be done in one game, in five games, or however many games it takes while the quests are live.

To get the Celebratory Slice Pickaxe, you have to find a pack of balloons and use at least five in one match. This is arguably the easiest of the quests.

Lastly, and it’s the hardest only by default, you have to eat one piece of cake in five matches to get the Fuzzfetti Cake Back Bling. All in all, you should be able to knock all these out in an hour.

You better hurry, however, as you only have until Sept. 27 to finish the quests.

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