Fornite Chapter 3, Season 3 didn’t have a live event but will Season 4?

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After Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite didn’t end with a live event, will Season 4?

Chapter 3, Season 3 turned the page with a simple YouTube video, that highlighted some of the changes that came to the map for the new season. Some of these included the chrome, the loss of The Seven, and the revelation of Brie Larson as The Paradigm.

One of the things that didn’t happen at the end of the season was a live event. This was a bit of a shock for most fans. Not only was one expected, simply due to the gravity of the storyline at hand, but the game has had a few that were pretty impressive over the last few months.

Despite the enormous shift for the in-game story, fans got nothing but a video. In fact, the video bringing Season 4 to us didn’t even give us an explanation as to what happened. We just know the Reality Tree is dead and that its death brought the Chrome to the island.

That’s just us putting pieces together as well, as we didn’t even see it happen. This is one of the big disappointments to ending and starting a season in Fortnite, is incomplete storytelling. Will we have the same issues to close season four?

Fortnite will have a live event for Season Four

The world of Fortnite will have a live event to close out the season four event that is expected to come in December. With the introduction of the Chrome and the new villain the Harold, a live event makes far more sense.

Had the storyline video for the start of season four explained more than it did, I don’t think as many fans would have been disappointed with the lack of a live event. We didn’t get one, however, and with so many lingering questions as to what happened to close the season, I think having a live event for season three’s finale would have helped put the pieces together.

So getting one at the end of four, with everything going on with the Chrome and the Harold would make a lot more sense than season three having one. Though if you’re going to do a storyline, make sure it’s fully flushed out as you go on.

It’s just a simple ask.

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