Could a new assault rifle be coming to Fortnite in Chapter 4?

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It seems like Fortnite is bringing in a new weapon into Season 3, Chapter 4.

With a new season comes new expectations. New crossovers, new characters, new everything. Even new weapons, and according to one leak from reliable leaker HYPEX on Twitter, Fortnite is bringing in a new assault rifle for fans to get their hands on.

The new weapon is expected to come in with some not-so-impressive stats, with HYPEX posting the stats, which you can see below;

"Damage: 25/24/23/22/22/22 (common – mythic)Bullets per shot: 2/2/3/4/4/5 (common – mythic)Reload time: 3/3/3/2/2/2 (common – mythic)Headshot multiplier: 1.5xMagazine size: 25Fire rate: 3.5"

The new rifle seems to be a bit more controllable than say the Combat Assault Rifle and will have a fire rate more akin to the Ranger Assault Rifle. It also won’t deal a lot of damage but it will seemingly be more clustered together. More akin to the Burst Assault Rifle.

Fortnite will see the new rifle release in Season 4

The gun, which should have a Mythic version as well, should release on Sept. 18 when the rest of the game gets the new season update. Fans haven’t been happy with a lot of the recent weapons that Fortnite has offered players, and this new rifle seemingly is just going to aggravate players more.

Burst rifles aren’t exactly the most fun weapon to use and feel tedious, but if that’s the route they go with this new weapon, who knows what players will think of it? It’s not like Fortnite will get rid of it if they don’t like it. After all, we’re still dealing with the charge SMG after all.

If Fortnite does bring in this new rifle, hopefully, they bring in something that fans really like. One item that comes to mind is the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle, which was a treat to use.

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