3 new vehicles are rumored to be coming to Fortnite for the new season

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Fortnite may be bringing in some new vehicles for the upcoming fourth season.

Once upon a team, Fortnite didn’t have vehicles. They had nothing and then came a gift from the Epic Games Gods; a grocery cart. That one addition changed the game forever. Soon cars, trucks, and all sorts of modes of transportation came to the game.

Even some more wild ones like the Ballers and now in more recent times, being able to ride the wildlife on the island. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the game is getting ready for some new additions for Chapter 3, Season 4.

According to profound leaker HYPEX, Fortnite is bringing in three new variations of past vehicles. These include a new Mech, which we’ve talked about before possibly being the Hulk Buster suit,  a new motorcycle, which we were supposed to get in Chapter 3, Season3, and now a new plane.

Should all three items land and land around the same time, the game will be absolutely carnage-filled, and isn’t that the point?

Fans are cautious about the planes but I say bring them on!

Not everyone is a fan of bringing in planes for the upcoming season of Chapter 3, but I say bring them on! The world of Fortnite should be a Looney Tunes episode brought to life. If you aren’t going out of your way to being pure bonkers all the time then what is the point of this game?

We might as well all be playing PUB G at that point.

So give me giant planes, stupid mechs, and dumb motorcycles. Give them all to me at the same time. Get rid of any normal-looking cars and replace them with unicycles for all I care. The more chaos and carnage that comes with these updates, the more fans will enjoy them. They want the big bombastic insanity that comes with the game.

So don’t deprive them of it because a few negative Nancys can’t get out of their own way and have some fun.

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