3 spots we hope get changed for good in Chapter 3, Season 4

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Fortnite needs to change some landing spots in Chapter 3, Season 4.

Call it bitterness, but I’m still not over losing Camp Cuddle. It was the perfect landing spot, with plenty of space, plenty of prime vantage points, and great places to get loot from. It was truly the best place to pick off the unsuspecting and the lacking.

So if I have to lose Camp Cuddle, then I demand that Fortnite start replacing some of these lackluster and uninspired landing spots that have become the norm over the last season. We need more dynamic, more open, and more varied locations to land in. Fans should have access to great loot while also being able to bug out should they have to or lay down a line of fire should they want to.

These locations on this list are the areas that the ones that most need improvements. Let us know in the comments if you agree.

These are the landing sites that need to be improved in the new Fortnite season.

All the Reality Tree sites

The sites that have been affected by the Reality Tree are just hollow. They’re uninspiring, lackluster, and dull. Admittedly, the Neo Titled is a great site to see over at the old Butter Barn, but that’s the one location that feels unique enough, but it is a throwback so I wouldn’t count it as a site that has to be kept.


The area is too bunched together and with so many varied landscapes, and shrubbery, it makes it hard to see who’s coming or see whose going. This is a place where a lot of people run into one another by accident. It’s not exactly the best for landing spots.

Rave Cave

After the first few weeks, it seems like no one goes to the Rave Cave anymore unless the map dictates it. The environment isn’t that impressive and it feels more like a dance club that’s in its dying days than it does a “rave”. It’s unintentionally depressing.

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