4 weapons we want to see return in Chapter 3, Season 4

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Chapter 3, Season 4 is almost here but the game needs to bring back these weapons.

When the fourth season of chapter 3 starts in eight days, we’re hoping that the devs over at Epic Games realize that they need to get things right. Season three was a stuff-storm of terrible, with very few reasons to tune and geek out.

Sure, the Dragon Ball crossover was cool but the summer of Vibin will forever go down as a failed concept. Heck, they even launched their No Sweat Summer event partially complete because they had to go on vacation.

I’m all for employee vacations, but you have to do your job, and leaving a massive update incomplete and lacking was a mess. It’s part of the reason why the game lost about 13 million players this summer.

The other big issue has been the lack of good weapons. The charge SMG is useless and while there are some good rifles, the weapons have mostly been useless. So here are four weapons that Fortnite could bring back to make Season 4 better.

Four weapons we hope Fortnite brings back in season four

The guided-missile

Fortnite is chaos, and what better way to embrace the chaos than by having a guided-missile launcher wreak havoc on all those who dare stand in your way. A useful weapon in either standard or Zero Build mode, this would help players recapture the zany chaos of the origins of the game.

The drum gun

Also known as a Tommy Gun, this is again another weapon that embraces the roots of the game. Considering there are some rumors of the next season embracing a throwback motif, if that’s true, then this is the type of weapon that would fit right in with the season.

The crossbow

Stealth players have not been given their due in recent months and recent seasons, and the crossbow would be a make-good for players who are looking for something more than the standard affair.

Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle

The Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle is a dream come true and is one of the most fun rifles the game has ever created.

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