Leak: Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 to be called “Paradise” (Videos)

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Fortnite has revealed its next chapter, dubbed Paradise.

Fans of Fortnite have been eagerly awaiting the next season of the game after a disastrous Chapter 3, Season 3. Failed ideas, half-hearted events, and a lackluster array of weapons and crossovers (save for the Dragon Ball one), and you can understand while so many fans are antsy for something better.

The next season of the game may not be better, but it sure is looking to be different. The fourth season of the chapter is being dubbed “Paradise” and it very much seems to be anything but. The long-rumored “goo” has been confirmed to be some sort of liquid metal in the three leaked trailers for the season that we have below.

In each of the trailers you see “commercials” for various items like skin care, cereal, and bug spray, and each of the items ends up causing either the person or things around them to be covered in a thick, metallic liquid that expands out and consumes things. It’s like the T-1000 from the Terminator but spreads like a plague.

The season trailer is expected to answer questions when it drops on Sep. 18, 2022.

The chrome goo is going to be a huge part of Fortnite’s newest season.

Fortnite is going goo for Chapter 3, Season 4, and fans should be excited about this. There are new rumors about the season, including a brand new villain that fans can fight that can resurrect enemies to aid it, as well as “sand-tunneling” that fans can apparently do in the chrome liquid.

Considering the lack of hype that season three had, and the dramatic drop-off of players, the folks at Fortnite can’t afford to screw this up, and a lackluster season launch could further cost them more players.

A strong boss battle and a brand new environmental agent like the chrome goo could be enough to bring fans back but they’re going to need to do more.

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