3 Resident Evil characters we want to see in Fortnite this year

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Resident Evil is rumored to return to Fortnite this Halloween.

If rumors are true, Resident Evil may be returning to the World of Fortnite this Halloween. The crossover has already happened once before with Chirs Redfield and Jill Valentine arriving last year in the game. The characters had multiple costumes and a slew of unique cosmetics, and with Halloween right around the corner, could we see even more characters arrive in the game?

Take this as a rumor, as we don’t know for sure what’s going on for the Halloween Frightmares event, but if the rumors of the return of Resident Evil are true, then fans should be excited about the possibility of some of the best characters in the Capcomf franchises history arriving on the island.

So, if the island is about to get a heavy dose of the T-Virus, which one of the many Resident Evil icons should come to the island to save the day?

Three more Resident Evil characters we want in Fortnite this Halloween

Leon Kennedy

The wise-cracking Leon Kennedy is everyone’s favorite pretty boy in the Resident Evil universe and considering his impact on the series and the multiple outfits he has to his name, he very easily could be a top seller in the Fortnite store upon his arrival.

Claire Redfield

Not to be outdone but Claire Redfield is every bit the worthy prospect as well. With her brother Chris already having been to the Fortnite island, it would be a very interesting and wonderful thing to have the ability to purchase not only Claire’s outfit but a second shot at getting Chris’ as well.

Albert Wesker

Fans need a villain and Albert Wekser is the Resident Evil villain, until, you know, they killed him off in the fifth mainline game. Not a move I would’ve done but oh well. The game could use his trenchcoat form the most but like with the other character he has a variety that could really stand out.

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