A player eliminated the entire battle bus before a Fortnite match but is it real?

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One Fornite player eliminated an entire Battle Bus but is it real?

Fortnite is known for its wild, lucky-trick shots and out there eliminations, but have you ever seen someone eliminate 99 other players with a single shot? Well, one Twitter user posted a video of a player (dressed up as Goku), using a Kamehameha to eliminate an entire bus of players before the game even started.

The video, posted by @M0e_almighty on Twitter, shows the Goku-player on Spawn Island jumping around. At one point the player finds a tent, opens it up, and pulls out a Kamehameha blast. He then charges it up and aims it at the sky and fires. The bus then loads up the players, and the blast hits the bus, eliminating everyone and giving the player a Victory Royale.

But is it real?

It’s very unlikely that the Dragon Ball/Fortnite video is real

A lot of the fans in the comment section seem to be pointing out that the video isn’t real and citing several reasons for that. One is that the range of the attack isn’t far enough to hit that many people. That’s not true, as the idea behind that is that Spawn Island and Fortnite Island are in the same part of the game and not two distinct locations. You can’t swim from Fortnite Island to Spawn Island, so the range isn’t relevant.

The other is that there are no hit-boxes when on the Battle Bus but you can absolutely get eliminated before hitting the ground after leaping; so again, not the best argument.

Yet, one thing that to me clinches is that it’s fake, and it’s something no one is bringing up; there are no tents on Spawn Island. At least there aren’t supposed to be.

Tents don’t show up on Spawn Island and when they do there are massive glitches if someone were to use one. The odds that a tent just appeared at that very moment is so far from likely that it’s nearly impossible to believe. The odds that a tent glitched onto the island, at the exact right time that a player with a Kamehameha was able to access it, and pointed it exactly at where the Battle Bus would be is so astronomical that it’s silly to believe that it actually happened.

It’s a cool video, but it’s unlikely to be real.

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