3 Teen Titan characters we’d like to see arrive in Fortnite alongside Starfire

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Fortnite is rumored to be bringing in Starfire but whatever Teen Titans do we want to see?

Fortnite is really ramping up its Chapter 3, Season 4 offerings. There are many rumors about many characters coming into the game, and all of them are causing some excitement. They’re not all coming in Season 4, however.

Chapter 3, Season 3 wasn’t done getting new offerings. Starfire arrived last week to much applauds and while she didn’t appear as her anime Teen Titan version, she was still a huge hit among the player base.

We’re happy to get Starfire, even if it wasn’t the Teen Titans version from the mid-2000s. We’re just hoping she doesn’t come alone. There are so many cool characters from that show that we’re hoping to get and these are just three of them.

Three Teen Titan characters we hope to get in Fortnite alongside Starfire

Beast Boy

Beast Boy is one of the more unique characters and he’s a Fortnite mainstay. Yet, we’re hoping that if and when the mid-2000s version of these characters finally do arrive, we get the whacky and zany Beast Boy that we all know and love, instead of the more polished version were’ used to seeing in the store.


To the best of my knowledge, there has been no version of Cyborg to pop up in Fortnite as of yet, and if there has been, he isn’t that common. So while any version of the man named Victor Stone would be appreciated, we’re hoping we get that whacky version from the 2000’s American anime.


No crop of Teen Titan characters would be complete without a villain. There is no greater villain in the history of the Titans than Slade, aka Deathstroke. Having him arrive in the game would give fans a fantastic outfit to use, plus variants for his design as well.

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