Fortnite’s Chug Cannon isn’t worth carrying in game

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Fire With Fire Week is ongoing but leave the Chug Cannon behind.

Fortnite has done an incredible job bringing in the new Fire With Fire week. The new fire-themed event will help close out the summer season of the game by giving fans the ability to set the world on fire. Or, at least, buildings and trees.

The Flame Bow and Dragon’s Breath Shotgun have been brought back to the game and while each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages, they’re worth carrying just because they only take up one slot. I’d argue against carrying the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun if you’re carrying the Flame Bow, only because you want to balance out your loadout. That said, carrying both isn’t an issue.

Just be mindful that the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun uses for shotgun shells at once, and you have to reload all four shells after each time you fire. It will deplete your shotgun ammo and it isn’t even a very rangy weapon.

Still, it has its advanages. What you shouldn’t be carrying with you, however, is the Chug Cannon.

The Chug Cannon is not worth the hassle

The Chug Cannon is an item that gives each player who carries it five shots of chug juice. Using this will replenish your health by 15 points with each use. Once you use just one of the shots, it starts reloading. Meaning, in theory, you will have infinite health with the Chug Cannon.

The problem is that after the five shots, you have to wait close to a minute (if not more) for it to replenish all five shots, and then you’re only getting a bit of health with each shot. This wouldn’t be so bad if the Chug Cannon didn’t take up two spots in your inventory.

The cannon’s endless health benefits are a big perk but not at the cost of other items. If it only took up one slot, that’d be one thing, but due to the lack of health per use and the size of it in your inventory, it just doesn’t make sense to carry it.

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