Fire with Fire Week is here in Fortnite and things are going to get hot

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The new Fire with Fire week is here and Fortnite fans are feeling the burn.

Ever want to light your enemies on fire with an array of weapons? Well, Fortnite is giving you taht very chance with the new Fire with Fire week. Fans of Fortnite can now get their hands on things that will really light up the game. Pun fully intended.

The folks at Fortnite have brought back the Primal Flame Bow, and the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun for the week, while also ramping up the frequency fo the Firefly Jars. Joining all the fire is a little bit of a luquid courage in the Chug Cannons, which gives a player five shots of chug juice to replinsh one’s health and safety. While it doesn’t have a limit to the amount of times it can be used, it does have to reload after every use and that takse several seconds.

So while it’s infinite in its supply, it’s not endless in its use.

There is also Fire With Fire week quests for fans to do as well. Those can be found on the quest pageg like with every other quest.

Pros and cons of Fire With Fire Week

Fortnite loves doing these primal events but hates the idea of keeping the bows and arrows around full time. That’s a huge con, another huge con is the fact that these weapons just aren’t that effective in extended combat.

I love using the bow, but you’re not going to be using it in a fire fight, but rather to either trap a player, or burn down a structure that they’re in.

It’s not powerful enough otherwise to use nor is it fast enough. If you use it as a mid-long-range weapon, you can inflict some pain, but to make it really deadly it should be more akin to a heavy sniper rilfe where it’s mostly one-shot-one-elimimination.

The fire effects are great, however and really make it a nightmare for players to deal with someone whose skilled in using their surroundings to their advantages.

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