Nia the Crossmark Operative is now in Fortnite and Save the World

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Nia the Crossmark Operative is in Fortnite

There is a new operative in Fortnite that you’re going to want to get your hands on. Fortnite has released the Nia the Crossmark Operative for Fortnite fans to get their hands on, and in doing so, you’ll be able to get access to Fortnite’s single-player, Save the World game as well.

The pack costs $15.99 and comes with a downloadable version of the Save the World game, Nia the Crossmark Operative outfit, the Critical Carryall Back Bling, the Crossmark, and the Crossmark Cudgel Pickake.

The character was based on designs by user @sockothy.

Fans who purchase the bundle will also get the Nia Crossmark Quests in the Save the World version of Fortnite. The challenges are unlocked after completing the Homebase Stormshield Defense 3  mission. Finishing that will allow access to the PvE Campaign as well as the Crossmark Operative Challenges, which can earn players 1,500 V-Bucks by completing the quests.

Fortnite needs to offer fans more incentive to buy these packs

The pack costing $15.99 is a bit much considering what you’re getting, but it’s excusable when you realize that it comes with a full game. Yet, what if you already have the game? Then you’re just paying $15.99 for a character outfit and some minor accessories.

Made worse by the fact you can’t even gift the Save the World game. You just get another digital copy and that’s it.

Fornite, and specifically Epic Games needs to find a way to replace the bundle packages and offer an alternative to players who already have Save the World. Something as simple as V-Bucks would help offset the price, considering you’re getting just a character for the price of a character and game.

Another idea is offering several bundles from the offset. One bundle that features the new character, as well as a choice of an older character that hasn’t been in the store for a while, one with the new character and V-Bucks, and one with the new character and the game.

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