Fortnite’s Halloween event to feature goo tunneling and a new villain

Epic Games, Fortnitemares
Epic Games, Fortnitemares /

A new rumor has Fortnite players ready to “goo-tunnel”.

Halloween is closing in fast, we’re less than four weeks away from the spookiest time of the year. The event, dubbed Fortnitemares, is still one of Fortnite’s best seasonal events and fans are getting hyped for it as we speak. When it comes to this year’s Fortnitemares, there are a lot of things that could be coming in.

New fan-created designs will debut, spooky costume designs will be added to the shop, and likely very spooky-themed weapons. That’s not all, however. Fortnite will also likely add a brand new villain to the game, with the ability to raise the dead to help them in combat. What this means is anyone’s guess but it likely means those florescent zombies from the horde rush mode.

Another big rumor coming is the idea of sand tunneling returning to the game. This is an old mechanic for many but a new one for me, as I personally wasn’t around for that era of the game. This time around, however, it won’t be sand you tunnel through but goo.

The good, which in this rumored shot of Chapter 3, Season 4 looks more like liquid metal, will be a major theme of the season and may have something to do with the fan-dubbed “Bloomwatcher” character we saw debut with the Reality Tree.

Halloween is a time for Fornite to get things right

Epic Games slacked off hard with Fortnite this summer and it showed. Nearly 13 million players left the game over the course of the summer months due to how poorly everything was implemented. The Dragon Ball crossover did help right the ship some, but it was mostly just a medical strip on a gaping wound at that point.

So many rumored concepts failed to materialize and now Fortnite and Epic Games are forcing a situation where they have to get this next event right or suffer another huge decline in the player base.

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