Battle Pass Rumor: A new Meowscles is coming to the Battle Pass

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Fortnite is bringing in a new version of Meowscles for Chapter 3, Season 4.

The newest season of Fortnite is nearly upon us. In just a few short weeks from now and Chapter 3, Season 3 will be a soon-distant forming memory. A season marred by a declining player base failed concepts, and lackluster events will finally be done and over with. In its place will be a new season, hopefully, one full of more promise, and apparently new characters. And, at the very least,  a new Meowscles.

The Battle Pass for Season 4 was rumored to be all Marvel but that may not be the case after all, and it may only include one Marvel character if any at all. That said, there is still a lot of reasons to believe that the season will be heavily influenced by Marvel.

So if that’s the case, then this addition to the Battle Pass is not only unexpected but completely welcomed. Fans have been wanting Fortnite to do more original designs for a long time, as the Fortnite store is made up of crossover outfits to the tune of at least 50% of the total share.

That’s not sitting well with fans, but they may be excited about this latest addition.

A new Meowscles is coming to Fortnite

As you can see, the well-respected Fortnite leaker, Hypex released the first look image of the new, emo-inspired Meowscles.

The look is completely different than the jacked up, muscle-bound kitty, with a tiny head, and is more aloof looking. Less serious, and far more angsty. He looks like he’s a character design straight out of Hot Topic, circa 2009.

It’s a good look though, as it takes the concept of Meowscles and flips it on its head. No longer the jock-type character and going more into a more passive-type design. Hopefully, this character has its own name and isn’t just Meowscles II, as I feel that would limit the character from having its own identity.

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