Starfire is in Fortnite and her look isn’t based off of Teen Titans after all

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Starfire has arrived in Fortnite but she isn’t based on her Teen Titans look at all.

Starfire is coming to Fortnite! After being leaked last week, the DC Comics character, that IGN once dubbed one of the comic companies’ top 25 characters of all time, will finally be available for players to get their hands on. The character debuted Friday, and fans can purchase her should they want to.

She comes with her pet larva Syl’Khee, who is the back bling portion of the Starfire set that comes with other items. Not only is “Silky” the back bling, but you’ll also get her Starbolt Pickaxe, which is designed after her ability to shoot beams from her hands. She also comes with an emote called the Starfire Flourish Emote.

This emote can be used with any outfit, not just her.

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Despite claims to the contrary, this isn’t the Teen Titans version of Starfire

This Starfire isn’t the one many believed would be coming to the game. When leaks of her coming came in, many believed that she would come in as her anime form from the mid-2000s Teen Titan cartoon.

That’s not the case. While the clothing design is very similar, this design of the Teen Titans version, it’s far more recent than that. This version seems far more in line with the DC You version of the character. Debuting in 2015 in her own book called Starfire, the character finds herself in Miami, FL trying to put her life together. It’s a fun, very beautifully illustrated series that this version of Starfire seems to be drawn from.

The hair is a bit different and the outfit is different around her shoulders, but it’s mostly the same design.

If you’re interested in reading the 2015 series, it’s written by Amanda Conner and illustrated by Jimmy Palmiotti. The first half of the 12-issue run is awesome but the second half falters.

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