Fortnite should replace pickaxes in Zero Build with melee weapons

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Fortnite fans should be allowed customization for weapons in Zero Build.

One of the defining aspects of Fortnite has been the pickaxe. It has been a staple of the game since its launched and its primarily been used as a resource tool. Players use it to harvest resources around the map, like wood, stone, and metal, so that players can then turn that into defensive structures and the like.

Yet, in Zero Build, there’s no point for pickaxes. The point of that game has nothing to do with the tower-defense philosophy of the traditional Battle Royale, ergo the pickaxes have no place in the Zero Build concept.

Compounded by that, there are sometimes melee weapons released into the game, like a scythe, the lightsabers, and a few other select items over the years. You’d think that getting one of these melee weapons would qualify as the pickaxe, allowing you to carry five other items. Nope. It counts as a standard item or weapon, even though it does everything the same as a pickaxe can, but with some added bonuses.

Fortnite should do away with pickaxes completely in Zero Build and allow players the ability to pick up one melee weapon per match that would thereby serve as a close-quarters-combat weapon and a tool.

Fortnite should allow new melee weapons into the game as replacements for the pickaxe

The pickaxes are useless in Zero Build and I hardly see anyone using it for any other reason than to be a dingus. Why someone would chop down a wall when the door is right next to them is beyond me. Save for these random occurrences of people just chopping for no reason, I never see players use the pickaxe in Zero Build.

So why have it?

Put down a half-dozen or more weapons like katanas, sledgehammers, battle axes, baseball bats, and other out-of-this-world ideas, and let fans be able to pick up melee weapons as their new pickaxes in Zero Build. It’ll put an emphasis on actually using these items and would change up the gameplay some.

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