First-Person Mode is in Fortnite but only kind of

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First-Person mode is in Fortnite and you can try it out in Creative Mode.

Fortnite has long been rumored to be bringing in first-person mode into the game. It’s part of the game’s desire to evolve and continuously grow its player base by offering new and different modes. The game has already done a lot of this over the last few months, namely with the Zero Build mode and the sprinting and scaling mechanics that the game has added to the game.

Coming along with all these gameplay changes in Battle Royale came two major rumors; that Fortnite would be bringing in First-Person mode, and that the game would be revamping the creative option in the game.

Well, apparently first-person mode is in the game, according to Epic Games’ website, saying;

"You can enter first-person mode while building in Create mode on your islands. This will give you a finer degree of control when you are placing terrain, structures, or devices. The setting for Immersive Editing is in your Quick Menu, which you can open using the Options hotkey.Like the Melee Designer device, this system is complex. Despite our extensive testing, Immersive Editing is likely to have some bugs and edge-cases that we haven’t found, so we consider this an open beta feature. You can help us out by reporting any issues you have when you’re using the feature."

First-Person is expected to come to Battle Royale sooner rather than later

While the addition of First-Person in creative is unexpected it is the first step in integrating it into the combat-centric Battle Royale formats. The idea is that it will either be a new game mode or a different viewpoint within the standard game.

I think more than likely it’ll be its own game mode, as first-person is very limiting in combat games, and doesn’t allow for the same degree of camera control; meaning that first-person users will likely be at a disadvantage if they were to go up against players using the third-person, over-the-shoulder gameplay.

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