Loveless is Fortnite’s newest member of the Fortnite Crew

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The new Fortnite Crew character design is here and it’s Loveless.

Loveless isn’t just the name of the play that Sephiroth, Aerith, and company loved in Final Fantasy VIII (and its expanded universe). No, it’s also the name of the new Fortnite Crew character, Loveless.

For those new, the Fortnite Crew is a subscription service with Fortnite that costs $11.99 a month and gives you access to that month’s new character, as well as any new seasonal Battle Passes that may launch during that billing cycle. You can cancel at any time, as there is no minimum amount of months you must be subscribed for.

The character is brand new for the Fortnite Crew pass, the monthly subscription for Fortnite users that not only gives you a brand new character every month but access to the Fortnite Battle Pass as well and they’ve had some real hits lately.

August saw Wolverine as the Crew character, July had the amazingly designed Phaedra, and June had the Mecha Assault Leader. Fans largely thought the last four designs were very well done and they became quite popular.

Even If I personally thought the Wolverine one was lackluster.

That takes us to September and Loveless.

Reviewing the Loveless character design in Fortnite

Like with the Phaedra design, I think Loveless is stylish. This is a departure from a lot of other female outfits that Fortnite produces, as I generally find the usual ones to be lackluster. The Crew ones, however, are S-tier in their design.

Unlike Phaedra who used minimalism (and a hat) to really help sell the character design, Loveless’s all-white suit and Vega-inspired mask really make her pop. She’s got a gambling theme, so everything in her cosmetics closet is similarly themed.

Loveless has four different masks, each representing a suit on a card (spade, heart, diamond, club). The character also has two back-blings, the  “Diamond King” and “Heart Queen” designs. She comes with the Stylus Edge Pickaxe, a new wrap called the Shooting Shuffle Wrap, which changes suits whenever the player eliminates an opponent, and a new musical track; The Loveless Bandit Lobby Track as well.

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