Melee weapons are now in creative mode but they’re not without flaws

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Fortnite has brought melee weapons into creative mode but be warned…

The idea of using something other than a pickaxe to take down an opponent is something many of us would like to further explore in the world of Fortnite. Yes, the game is gun-based but an instant-kill or 100+ damage sneak attack with a melee weapon would bring a whole new element into the game.

Until Fortnite wakes up and brings in weapons like swords and bows and arrows full time into the game, we’ll just have to get our fix in creative mode. We already know that users can add bows and arrows into the game via creative mode but now fans can also get their hands on some new melee weapons too.

Right now, if you hop into Fortnite’s creative mode, you can start using swords and hammers to chop down and create all sorts of stuff. Moreover, the new Melee Designer device will allow you to customize your melee weapons. You can increase or decrease the damage, name it, or even change how it affects the player’s stats.

Keep in mind, however, that if you customize the options in the Melee Designer, the weapons you already accrued from it will have the new settings. To that effect, if you delete the Melee Designer entirely, it’ll cause your weapons to permanently revert to default settings; meaning you’ll have to delete the weapons if you want to specialize them again.

The Melee Designer in Fortnite is a bit difficult to learn

Epic Games themselves described the Melee Designer as “complex” and the game designers themselves consider this an “open-beta” concept. The bugs are still being worked out and among them include the following straight from Epic Games themselves;

"The Jump Attack: Knockback option doesn’t knock players back as far as it should.There is no setting for Sprint Attack Energy consumption on the Hammer.Weapons with the Secondary Action option set to None prevent the player from sprinting and jumping when the secondary action button is held down.Weapons with the Low Energy Multiplier option set to 0% still allow the player to attack when they are out of Energy.Once you select a weapon type in the Melee Designer device, the device cannot be changed to use the other weapon type without deleting that device and placing another MeleeDesigner.While other weapon attacks have a Knockback option, there is no Knockback option for Sprint Attacks.When performing a Charge Attack, players can occasionally get into a state where they cannot jump until they dodge at least once. The third weapon strike in a Basic Attack Combo from the Hammer does not damage structures.Epic is currently working on these issues and they should be fixed within the next couple of updates."

If you’re using the Melee Designer in-game, let us know how you like it and if you have any issues with it.

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