Fire Wild Week is almost here and its time Fortnite brought bows in for good

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Fire Wild Week starts soon in Fortnite.

Fortnite loves hopping in on the Wild Week concept every so often but honestly, I’m not sure it’s such a huge event that fans get hyped for it. Conjuring up a “wild week” concept every month or so is really only interesting if you’re a huge fan of the bow and arrows in the game.

That said, it looks like Fortnite is once again trying to get their wild on when it comes to the Wild Week concept because sometime this week (probably Tuesday), a new update will happen and Fortnite will once again add bows.

This time, however, just the Primal Flame Bow, as this will be a wild week for flame lovers only. Joining the bows will be the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun. The Dragon’s Breath Shotgun is a typical shotgun but it has the added bonus that whoever or whatever you shoot will catch on fire momentarily for an added damage bonus.

There will be new challenges for the week, which you can see below, courtesy of Fortnite Forever;

"Hit an opponent with a full drawn Primal Flame Bow (2)Dead damage to opponents within 10 meters with the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun (800)Extinguish fires on structures with Slurp (100)Eliminate opponents with any fire based weapon (10)Throw firefly jars in a single match (5)"

Bows should be brought back permanently in Fortnite

While bows aren’t the most wildly popular item in the game, for me, I love them. I love how they’re the perfect mid-range, sneak weapon in the game. Especially the fire bows. They really make the action a bit more…steamy.

I know I’m in the low minority of people who loves the bows, but one of my big stances when it comes to Fortnite is that the game should be adaptable to different types of players. Too often the spray meta or shotguns become the name of the game. Fortnite needs to diversify the weapons and items to allow for different types of gameplay.

Ideas from other games should be incorporated, like tanking, stealth play, or yes, spray metas. It’d add so much to the game.

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