Fortnitemares is already part of Save the World

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Fortnite’s Save the World has already brought in Fortnitemares.

Fortnite’s annual Halloween event, Fortnitemares, has arrived in Save the World already. While we’re waiting on the update for the Battle Royale versions, Fortnite fans can now get a taste of the Halloween spirit by playing the single-player version of everyone’s favorite Battle Royale masterpiece.

So what’s coming in the most recent update from Fornite with regards to Save the Worlds’ Fortnitemare? Let’s find out.

Hexylvania is back

The Hexylvania game mode is back and with comes the Husks, which are modified to take less damage. To combat this modification, the players can now use a Short Range modifier, which will cause 50% more damage within two tiles of a Commander or Defender. Husks found in Hexylvania will also drop healing potions from time to time as long as they’re taken out in close range.

What else is in Fortnite’s Save the World for its Fortnitemares event?

Dire’s Wolfy Business Questline

Fans can also hop in and play the “Packstravaganza” game mode. Doing so will give you the chance to recruit the wolf Dire to your squad. His involvement will give players the Night Stalker perk, which grants a speed bonus to players during the evening and night.

Dungeons are back as well

Dungeons are back in Save the World as well, and the game mode promises tricks and traps “around every corner”. There are five different dungeons that promise monsters, coins, and magical keys for you to find, while also promising weapons and heroes to be found throughout the game mode. If you finish the Crypts, you’ll unlock the Inferno and Lab dungeons. Completing the Lab dungeon gets you the Grotto dungeon, and completing the Grotto dungeon gets you the last one, the Labyrinth.

Completing these dungeons will reward you with the Swamp Knight, Mermonster Ken, and Chaos Agent, some loot, and a loading screen.

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