Fortnite starts of the build to Halloween right with Alien Abduction Bundle

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Fortnite is for the aliens with the Alien Abduction Bundle

Summer is unofficially over with the turn of the calendar from August to September, and that means the world of Fortnite is getting ready to follow suit. The game spent all summer “Vibin”, only to release the dud of an event with No Sweat Summer. An event so bad that nearly 13 million players stopped playing.

Yet, hope is on the horizon with the annual Fortnitemares event that starts around the fall. The concept is simple; it’s Fortnite but spooky. To help get people psyched for the eventual Halloween-heavy event, Fortnite is releasing a new Alien Abduction Bundle for fans to get their hands on.

For just 2,500 V-Bucks, you get three outfits, two back blings, and a pickaxe. You can also purchase the items and outfits separately should you only care about one set of items or another. So what comes in the complete bundle?

Three Outfits

  • Leviathan Outfit
  • Human Bill Outfit
  • Zorgoton Outfit

Two Back Blings

  • Fish Tank Back Bling

One Pickaxe

  • Flying Slasher Pickaxe

The bundle isn’t expected to be around long.

Reviewing the alien outfits from the new bundle

3. Zorgoton

Zorgoton is a unique looking alien but he comes in last. The head design makes him look like Tentalus from Skyword Sword and you never go full-Tentalus. The rest of the design is sharp, especially with the “51” that looks to be sprawled out on his space suit in blood or red paint.

2. Leviathan Outfit

Looking like a deep-sea diver from the 1950s, the Leviathan outfit is pretty solid. The floating fish in a bowl concept remains me a lot of Klause from American Dad, so I’m all on board. The suit design suffers here due to it being plain, but all in all, it’s a solid design.

1. Human Bill Outfit

Be it Roger the Alien, Paul from the film Paul, or any number of comedic, short, aliens, Human Bill is classic. Its design reminds me of the classic 1950 black and white films but is far more comedically designed in nature. The retro look works for what they’re going for.

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