Was the Dragon Ball crossover good for Fortnite?

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Did Dragon Ball help Fortnite salvage the summer?

No Sweat Summer and the summer of Vibin is going to go down as monumental mistakes in the history of Fortnite. Epic Games’ prize cow did not have a good summer and hoped that the Dragon Ball crossover would help fix what ailed them.

Yet, that actually didn’t end up happening. While Fortnite did have an increase of about 2.3 million players during the height of the Dragon Ball crossover over the last two weeks, the months still lost 3.8 million users and would have lost well over 6 million had they not launched the partnership with the anime brand.

Since the start of summer, Fortnite lost 11 million users at least, according to AcivePlayer.io, so while the crossover did help monetary boosts n the numbers, it didn’t help considerably at all. Fortnite has really mismanaged this summer season and it’s showing in the player figures.

Dragon Ball isn’t completely gone from the island just yet

The Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover is over, with the conclusion of the “Power Unleashed” Quests. That doesn’t mean the game isn’t rocking with Dragon Ball-themed items for a while longer. The Kame House is still out in the Eastern island chain, and Bulma is still walking around out there.

The items that fans love, like the Kamehameha blast and the Nimbus Cloud, are still around as well, dropping in on the island via the Capsule Corp, but they’re in far fewer numbers than before, with maybe eight units getting dropped in throughout the regular match.

The game no longer allows players to challenge one another in a one-on-one duel, as that feature replaced the bounty boards for a short time. Nor are there any vending machines that will allow you to purchase the Kamehameha and Nimbus items either.

The general aesthetic of the crossover is gone, even the Dragon Ball-themed battle bus.

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