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It’s stealth weak in Fortnite with Shadow of Phantasm Week

It’s not Wild Week in Fortnite, but we’ll take it. The Shadow of Phantasm Week has started off with a bang, a shadow ninja bang that is. The current theme of this week’s Shadow of Phantasm week is stealth. The weapons are stealth, the items are stealth, and the sky is rainbow flavored with party favors falling from the sky.

So not everything on the island got the “stealth” memo.

For the next few days, players can use two different types of guns, the Suppressed Assault Rifles, and the Suppressed SMGs. These don’t work like your typical assault rifles and SMGs. For starters, especially the rifle, it’s not as accurate. That’s due to the rifle (and SMG) both having “silencers”, suppressors that dull the sound of gunfire.

Due to the suppression of the sound of gunfire, this also affects your in-game compass. The in-game compass not only denotes north, east, south, and west on your hud, but also pings of gunfire to lead you to, or away from the action. Now if someone is using these newly suppressed weapons, that’s no longer the case.

Joining the action isn’t just these altered weapons but the return of fan-favorite Shield Bubbles and Shadow Bombs.

Fortnite has brought back some real fun this week

The biggest complaints about Fortnite in Chapter 3, Season 3 were the lack of events, the lack of fun events, the weapon selection, and the general overall disappointing rollout of items. This week really paints just how bad things have been because this week, as nominal as it is in the grand scheme of things, is great.

The suppressed weapons are great, if not a bit more inaccurate than you’re used to. And while the Shield Bubble creates its usual large energy shield to protect you from gunfire, the real winner is the Shadow Bombs. Those items turn you invisible for about five seconds and allow you to jump, hop, skip and twist in the air like a ninja.

It’s great for getting away from enemies and should be a major item for Chapter 3, Season 4.

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