Fortnite vaulting Impostors is rough but completely understandable

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Fortnite has vaulted Imposters which is rough but we get it.

Fortnite is always evolving the game. It’s part of the online video game ecosystem. If you want a healthy environment for players, there has to be constantly updating. Even if it means they take away Camp Cuddles from you.

And no, I’m still not over it.

So it’s no surprise that it’s not just cosmetics, weapons, or even locations on the map that end up getting axed. It’s also game modes that will eventually be moved to the great vault in the sky…err…Epic Games server.

Fortnite and Epic Games have opted to end the run of the Impostors game mode, maybe for now, maybe not. Fortnite took the Impostors game mode offline on Aug. 31 as part of a patch update, and in doing so ended one of the game’s more fun but controversial modes.

For those unfamiliar, the mode worked identically to the game Among Us, where a bunch of players is set about to perform tasks, though there is a saboteur(s) in the group. It’s up to the players to find out which one among them (get it), is the one eliminating players.

Why did Fortnite take down Impostors?

The game mode had been around for nearly a year, if not longer, and was popular enough that you were never really waiting for a game to start. It wasn’t the smoothest running game, as the movement from player characters isn’t really designed for tight environments, but it was overall very fun, especially the voting portion of the game. That was when you could sow dissent among the “good” players.

So if it had its merits, why was it taken down? Well, it’s an LTM, a limited-time mode, and it just seemed like it was the game’s time. The recent collaboration with Among Us’ studio Innersloth, maybe helped expedite the game’s vaulting, as Innersloth was never a fan of the juggernaut Fortnite running a compting game mode against them.

So when Innersloth and Epic Games started to do their crossovers this past summer, it may have come with the caveat that Impostors meets the great Vault in the sky.

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