Rumor: Long-thought dead villain may return as hero in season four

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A former villain may be joining the good guys for Chapter 3, Season 4.

One of my biggest gripes when it comes to Fortnite is how they often bury their story elements in optional missions playing out during Battle Royale contests. I think that’s a weak way of telling a story, as it places the emphasis on the fourth most important thing that a player should be doing.

The first is surviving, the second is gathering assets, and the third is eliminating opponents. So clearly Fortnite doesn’t put that much emphasis on the story. And they should, as it’s genuinely really entertaining.

So when a new rumor came out that a long-time member of the Imagined Order is coming back to the game, but this time supposedly as a good guy, I got excited. Even if Fortnite doesn’t do the best job of making these moments matter beyond a cut scene.

Fortnite is rumored to bringing back a thought-deceased character for season four

Go back to the end of Chapter 3, Season 2, when The Seven, Jones and the players charged the Imagined Order’s base in one last-ditch effort to save all of reality itself. The group encountered Agent Sloan, who was blocking the heroes in her tank, preventing them from moving forward.

The Mecha Strike Commander, piloted by The Paradigm, interfered and sent Sloan’s tank tumbling into the cavern. Many thought she was dead until eagle-eye players saw her putting up a shield of sorts as the tank and structure fell away.

Now, a rumor is suggesting that not only will Sloan return for Season Four but she’ll be joining the side of the good guys, following suit in her former teammate Jones. Jones wasn’t the only defector the good guys have gotten over the years, but he was the first from the Imagined Order.

Arguably, the only name bigger than Jones in the organization is Slone, and with the I.O. seemingly defeated, it’ll be interesting to see if she does in fact return and if she does, how.

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