The Dragon Ball Fusion emote in Fortnite is a missed opportunity

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Fortnite has the Dragon Ball fusion technique but it’s a missed opportunity.

The summer months of 2022 have been hard on Fortnite fans. They’ve gone almost out of their way to disappoint fans. From their failed No Sweat Summer gimmick to their incredibly lackluster choice of weapons and items for the latest season of the game. This wasn’t changed by the late addition of Dragon Ball to the game but it did help bring players back to the game.

The Dragon Ball crossover has been wildly well-received, so much so that the game has actually brought back more fans than they lost, going from 255 million players in July to 257 million in August. They’re still down from the 264 million in June, but they were actually below 254 to start August, so Dragon Ball has worked to bring fans back.

The mythics, costumes, being able to watch Dragon Ball Super, and all sorts of things have helped lead to the game’s bounce-back period. One of the things that have come in and have been wildly popular are the emotes.

There are of course the power-up emotes that Dragon Ball fans will surely recognize, but there’s also the Fusion Technique emote. Called the “Fusion! Ha!!” emote, two players line up just like Dragon Ball Z, and do the technique’s signature steps, resulting in the epic finger-point stance fans know by heart.

Yet, it despite its popularity, it remains a missed opportunity.

Fortnite had a chance to nail the Fusion Technique Emote

Imagine, if you will, if Fortnite found a way to actually fuse characters together for a brief moment, following the Fusion Technique emote. Whether you make it compatible only with select characters, write a code where parts of the character on the right will make up specific parts of the fused character, while the character on the left fills out the rest, or just go in and make models for each potential character combination.

That last one is very realistic, but the other two are. Heck, I’m sure some fans would take just the Dragon Ball characters fusing for a short time.

We’re not asking for two players to control the character or anything, but a three-second window of what Meowcules and Jones could look like would be enough. Heck, maybe you could even have a situation where if one player is Goku and one player is Vegeta, and they do the fusion technique, both players become Gogeta.

This feels like a missed opportunity.

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