5 reasons that Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 has failed fans

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Dragon Ball can’t save the reputation of Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 3.

If you’ve hopped into Chapter 3, Season 3 recently, you may be having the time of your life. The addition of the Dragon Ball-themed items and cosmetics have rejuvenated the fanbase and has a lot of fans returning following a lackluster Chapter 3, Season 3.

The addition of Dragon Ball doesn’t change the fact that the three-plus month season has wained on players. The lack of execution, the lackluster weapons, the lack of promises, and a whole host of over-hype and under-promised things have fans dubbing this season a failure.

Yes, even with the addition of things like Darth Vader and Dragon Ball. So what are some of the bigger reasons the season failed?

Five reasons Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season has failed

Vader’s delay/Vader’s pick axe

The addition of Darth Vader to the game as both a cosmetic costume and as a boss were huge gets for the brand but Boss-Vader was delayed. His arrival was epic and fighting him is a challenge with the Fortnite controls but it’s been fine. The cosmetic costume, however, came with some weird Empire pick axe that really rubbed fans the wrong way. It felt like the ultimate bait and switch. Everyone expected a lightsaber, especially since that’s how they marketed it.

Weapon selection

This was the first season I’ve played where the weapons were utter trash. They eventually added some new rifles, specifically the Hammer, that improved the game but it was largely a weak selection. There was also a lack of mythics and really just bonker items that help make the game what it is. It felt very Chapter 1, Season 1.

The Ballers

The Ballers have been so hyped heading into the season, only for fans to find out the charge is limited, they can’t be refueled and they can only be found at one part of the island. Some minor augmentations were made but it was largely a flop and fans have basically stopped using them.

No skating

Hitting fans with the revelation that they would be able to skate in Chapter 3 was huge. Yet, summer vacation curbed the additions to the game and they uploaded an incomplete and underwhelming No Sweat Summer event. A wasted skatepark was added, and a concert stage that provided nothing but a floatation device was all fans had to remember of the summer event.

Eliminating fan favorite drop-in points (Camp Cuddle RIP)

I’m still not over the Reality Tree being dropped in at Camp Cuddle. That was the best landing spot in the game and to have it yanked like that was tremendously sad.

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