Fortnite’s Big Battle Mode may be the new “it” team mode

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Fortnite may have created a really interesting concept for fans.

Fortnite is constantly trying to find out new ways to stimulate, grow and maintain the player base. Activity isn’t enough, growth is the goal. Bringing back former players is usually the goal, but so is finding new players. One of the ways Epic Games and Fortnite go about this includes them creating new, dynamic game modes.

Anything that shakes the status quo is good for the brand, and the player base. That is why the idea of a massive team versus team concept is good for the game.

According to iFiremonkey, a well-known and respected data miner, a new concept is coming to the Fortnite game. It will feature two huge teams of 40 players, an accelerated time window, more loot than usual, and each team’s very own personal Battle Bus to drop in from.

Oh, and players will engage in all of this, with zero building allowed. The storm is more lethal and the action is faster. It’s considered a remix of the Team Rumble and classic 50 v 50 LTM that the game has used.

This is the kind of game mode that fans will enjoy

Any type of game mode that shakes up a dynamic is always something that will do well for fans. While Fortnite fans have played similar modes like this before, it hasn’t been a game mode that’s been pushed to the forefront of the Fortnite brand for a long time.

Making the game mode like past modes, but on steroids, isn’t a bad idea. It changes how you play, and what you can do. It’s not like a horde rush concept where it doesn’t make sense to take out building, as who builds in that anyway? Building is huge in team battles, now it’s going to be harder to achieve victory if you can’t outbuild your opponents anymore.

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