Fortnite promises return of Late Game Arena to close month

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Fortnite is bringing back Late Game Arena to end August.

Fortnite fans are well accustomed to playing various forms of Battle Royale at this point. While it’s not the only mode in the game it is the most well-known and popular. So popular that Fortnite has an entire competitive game sphere built around the concept.

You or a few of your friends can compete in various competitions, tournaments, and the like all for your chance at cash prizes, free items, or other various things players can earn through these competitive modes.

The rules are largely the same but usually, items are withheld from these specific modes to make it more about the skills of the players and less about the loot and items that a player has on them at a given time. The game mode was removed in December of 2021, but it’s being brought back next week for players to try out again.

What is Fortnite’s Late Game Arena?

The game mode is one of the many competitive versions of the game, which allows players to play in solo, or trio modes to earn competitive points called Hype. This is achieved by placement in the final standings for the contest and for the number of eliminations that the player/team achieves.

Late Game Arean has ten Divisions and three Leagues; Open, Contender, and Champion, which follow the format of other competitive game modes in the franchise.  The game mode isn’t like your traditional competitive matches, however, as it’s largely viewed as a practice mode for more competitive and harder contests.

The game map was smaller in its first run with the brand but it’s very possible some changes are made to the game mode upon its return to Fortnite.

Have you played Late Game Arena and if so, are you excited about its return?

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