Rumor: Fortnite is expected to bring back planes for Season Four

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Fortnite has to hit Season Four out of the park.

Fortnite is nearing the end of Chapter 3, Season 3, and while Dragon Ball and other brands have helped make the finale few weeks a success, the nearly three-month-long season was anything but for its entirety. The season drove away huge swaths of fans and failed to deliver on many promises.

Not only that, but they intentionally released unfinished assets into the game, depriving fans of wonderful new experiences like skating in Fortnite. It’s largely been a mess of a season and fans have made it known they’re unhappy.

So it’s not surprising that Fortnite is pulling out all the stops for the next season of Fortnite’s third chapter. A new rumor has the game bringing back airplanes into the franchise for next season, and if that’s true, fans will likely return for that.

Fortnite should make planes and helicopters permanent moving forward.

Fortnite has done a great job changing up its gameplay every so often. It wasn’t long ago that driving cars in the game was an afterthought. That’s no longer the case as vehicles have become a huge part of the game.

So has things like sprinting, climbing, Zero Build modes and so many other additions made to the game over the last few years. Bringing back planes for Season 4 is great and all, but Fortnite should make the next step of making ariel objects permanent.

Not only should the game make planes a permanent fixture in the game, but helicopters too. Doing so would add a different dynamic to combat and would allow the game to bring back things like balloons and blimps on a full-time basis as well.

Maybe even jetpacks.

These changes would allow fans to try to out different techniques for winning games, and shouldn’t really provide any sort of negative impact on the overall quality of the game. Especially if all the ariel vehicles have weapons to use.

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