Fortnite fans may be getting more Resident Evil costumes come October

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Fortnite may be going back to Resident Evil to celebrate Halloween in 2022.

Fortnite loves to do big collaborations for the holiday season. I mean, they brought in Santa Claus for December, that’s some huge synergy. With Halloween coming up, it’s not at all out of the realm of possibility that the gaming franchise goes and does another collab for the season of fright and fun.

That means, another collab with a horror gaming franchise. Maybe. A new rumor has Fortnite teaming up with CAPCOM’s iconic horror franchise Resident Evil. Resident Evil has been a huge player in the world of gaming for nearly 30 years.

No horror game franchise may fit Fortnite’s Halloween vibe more than Resident Evil. They’re both games that focus on action, both games that rely on bombastic personalities, and are both games that really fit well during Halloween.

That wouldn’t be the first time Resident Evil has met with Fortnite, as they partnered up in 2021 with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine coming to the game for the Halloween season. If Fortnite does release new Resident Evil cosmetics, then not only will we get two brand new outfits, but the return of Redfield and his long-time partner Valentine will likely return to the Fortnite shop as well.

What other rumors are surrounding Chapter 3, Season 4?

The return of Resident Evil would be huge for Halloween but right now they’re just one of four potential rumors that we know of.

Marvel is expected to fill out the Battle Pass for the season, with names like Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and The Iron Patriot being brought in (among others). Agent Sloan is also rumored to be returning to Fortnite as well, this time as a hero. If she does make a return she may be brought in as a purchase character as well.

Freddy Kruger is another name rumored to be debuting but not necessarily around Halloween.

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