Watch: Top5Gaming’s “25 times Fortnite revealed the future” video

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Top5Gaming is highlighting how easy it is to miss hints in Fornite.

Fortnite has always done a great job of laying easter eggs on the map to psyche fans up for what’s to come next. We rarely see them, obviously, as that’s kind of the point. If they were obvious, they’d just slap a sticker on the side of an island house and say “hey, here’s Kame House”.

That’s not how it works. No, they like to do the long haul for their revelations. It adds to the game, as if you keep running guy a refrigerator in the desert for months, and then find out it was a subtle hint at the debuting Indiana Jones, it adds so much to the game.

That’s why Top5Gaming has covered some of the most “duh” revelations in Fortnite history. Sure, in hindsight most of these seemed obvious but now, after the fact, we could see why no one saw them coming before the big reveal.

Fortnite’s ability to capitalize on fan theories is next-level

This is something that I adore about the game. I love how they’re constantly able to build up to a huge reveal. A reveal that no one sees coming. These, for lack of a better term, long-cons are a great way to constantly keep the buzz going in the game.

If you know that Fortnite and Epic Games constantly hint at upcoming collaborations or reveals, then a regular rock on the sand next to a belt could make you think The Rock is coming in as a costume in the near future.

Maybe you’ll see an umbrella on a dance floor and think “Rihanna is doing a concert soon” and sometimes you’ll see a hotdog and go…ok well maybe a hotdog on the ground is just a hotdog.

Not everything is a subtle hint at the future.

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