Ranking the three biggest crossover in Fortnite right now

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Fortnite has three huge crossovers going on right now but which is the biggest?

Fortnite has made it up to fans who felt gypped by the game, and Epic Games over the summer debacle. No Sweat Summer was a bust and the Vibin tagline was more in line with how the creative forces at Epic Games handled the summer season. It was largely a stinker.

If only Fortnite didn’t make us wait for so long, maybe Chapter 3, Season 3 would have been a much bigger success.

They didn’t, however, and instead lost millions of players over the course of the season, only to see some return for the end of it. Dragon Ball, Destiny 2, and NFL star Patrick Mahomes became three huge brands to come to Fortnite all at the same time, really dwarfing the rest of the season by comparison.

Which ones, however, were the biggest addition added to the game?

What crossover with Fortnite is tops to close out August?

3. Destiny 2

We’re kicking off with Destiny 2. While the game is supposed to be the spiritual successor of Halo, the franchise has never reached the heights that the Xbox original did. It still has a large fanbase, otherwise, Fortnite wouldn’t have partnered with them, but it’s far from the size of the fanbases of everyone/thing else on this list.

2. Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is one of the most popular athletes in the entire world currently and is one of the few men who can claim to be a face of the National Football League. While his family has hurt his popularity at times due to their obnoxious behavior, Mahomes continues to be Teflon to any real controversy.

1. Dragon Ball

As popular as Mahomes and Destiny is, Dragon Ball is the most popular crossover not just of the season, but arguably of all time. The player base who watched Dragon Ball at some point is staggering and there’s no doubt that this brand is the top dog of the season.

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