Watch: Top5Gaming’s “17 Times Fortnite Got Scammed”

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Fortnite fans feel scammed by the game prior to the Dragon Ball arrival.

Fortnite has had a rough summer, and with the season coming to a close sooner rather than later, it’s not surprising that some fans are beyond dissatisfied with the game. They saved their season by adding not only Dragon Ball characters at the end of the season but also the Dragon Ball Mythics.

The Mythics are a Kamehameha blast and the Nimbus Cloud and fans are loving them. The blast isn’t the best that the gamehas ever brought in it and it’s a bit stiff when firing it but the Nimbus has given fans a fun new way to escape conflicts.

Yet, despite the addition of these items, many fans felt that the Vibin summer theme of the game was a large miss. Popular locations were changed for no reason and the No Sweat Summer event was a huge flop.

Fans felt scammed by the game, and that may be why Top 5 Gaming released a similar list of times Fortnite got scammed by other people.

The failure of No Sweat Summer will make most fans unsympathetic to Fortnite’s blight

After the failure of the summer series that Fortnite put out there, it’s hard for me to say that I feel any empathy for the company after watching the above video.

The game is a free-to-play game, sure, but they make money hand over fist off of players and their in-game purchases, so it’s really not like they’re above criticism.

In fact, they should be criticized, as honest and fair criticism offers the opportunity for a brand to do better, and Fortnite needs to be better for Chapter 3, Season 4, otherwise they will lose even more players heading into the winter months.

Fortnite fans aren’t looking for reasons to leave so stop giving them so many.

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