What new things are in Save the World after Fortnite’s v21.40 patch

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Save the World has new some things for Fortnite fans.

Fortnite fans got a new update that will hopefully help the franchise cruise to the close of the summer on a high note. Fortnite’s Battle Royale got the huge Dragon Ball update that fans have long been hoping for since it was leaked a few weeks ago. Now, that’s not going to be coming to Save the World but for players engaged in Fortnite’s single-player game, there are still some things to get your hands on.

The Hit the Road game mode is wrapping up for the summer. If you complete the Quinn encore quest, you can get gold, Llama tickets, and the special 2020 Hit the Road Loading Screen. Which doesn’t seem like a huge get as it’s 2022.

On Aug 22, 2022, at 8 AM ET, you can get modifiers for your character, which include Frenzied, Slowing Pools, Quickshot, and Sprinters. Frenzied will make enemies move and attack 25% faster, making the game more challenging. Slowing Pools will turn eliminated enemies into a pool that slows Commanders down. Quickshot will give ranged weapons more damage and allow players to reload faster. Lastly, Sprinters will give Commanders increased speed.

What else is in Fortnite Save the World after the latest update?

Trading in your Hit the Road tickets will help get you a Red Llama, so you can open up an assorted bundle of Rad Heroes and Boombox Weapons to play with. That’s not all, as the Soldier hero Tactical Assault Sledgehammer will be in the Event Store on Aug. 21 and then the powerful pistol Hot Mix will be in there on Aug. 28.

For players engaging in the quest lines like Venture, Beyond the Stellar Horizon, and Tales of Beyond, they’ll all be wrapped up at the end of the month, so complete them and gain your rewards while you can.

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