What are the Week 10 Quests and which ones are the hardest?

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The Week 10 Quests are out, and it’s time to talk about the toughest ones.

Fortnite has released this week’s quests, a true staple of any weekly Fortnite player. The quests are usually unique enough to warrant trying to accomplish them, but they’re not always worth going out of your way if you don’t want to get your face blown up unexpectedly by dropping into unfamiliar locals.

This week’s quests are no different, some are worth your time, others aren’t, but if you’re a quester, then we’re going to look at the quests that may give you the biggest fits.

Week 10 Quests

"Bounce on a crash pad, a bouncy slurpshroom, and off-road tires in a single match (1)Damage 10 different objects with one spray of the charge SMG (1)Damage an opponent with a DMR without aiming down the sight (100)Damage opponents within 10 seconds of dashing with a Zero Point Fish (100)Eliminate a player with the first shot from the Prime Shotgun (1)Travel in a Baller on water (500)"

Which quests are the biggest challenges for fans to play?

So we’re clear, the quests with a “1” next to them are simply the number of times you have to complete that specific one, and the numbers that are much bigger are either total damage needed to achieve it, or in the case of the Baller, the distance you have to go.

For the hardest ones for the week, the Charge SMG quest is up there, namely due to the fact you may not be in a location that has 10 unique items bunched together. Another one that may be hard is the Zero Point Fish dash, mostly down to the fact that you may miss as you dash by, plus you have to dispense 100 points of damage while dashing.

It’ll be very easy to do some damage, come back around, and run out of juice.

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