John Cena wants to do more with Fortnite, could he join The Rock in The Seven?

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John Cena is not done with Fortnite just yet.

John Cena and the WWE partnered with Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Rocket League for SummerSlam, which was this past Saturday. As part of the promotion for SummerSlam, Epic Games brought Cena to Fortnite, Cena and Roman Reigns to Rocket League, and Xavier Woods, Asuka, and the Undertaker to Fall Guys.

Ironically, only one of those names, Reigns, was on the show in any capacity.

Cena may not have been booked for SummerSlam this year (though he was last year), but that doesn’t mean that his impact on the weekend wasn’t felt. It was, as apparently Fortnite fans really liked his costume and purchased it in huge numbers in the game.

We don’t have any official stats, but if you just log in to the game, you’ll see quite a few people playing as the future WWE Hall of Famer. It may be part of the reason that Cena tweeted out that he’s not done working with Fortnite after this.

More John Cena costumes aren’t the answer for Fortnite fans

Seeing Cena confirm just how positively received his outfit in the game was is a pretty cool thing. Cena’s had a rough reputation at times, being accused of holding others back from success, and his failed relationship with Nikki Bella wasn’t his best moment. Then there was that whole Taiwan/China controversy.

Yet, that’s relatively small potatoes when you have guys in the NFL doing the things they do.

Yet, Cena has always been a guy who has gone out of his way to try and be someone that kids could look up to. It’s why he never turned heel (became a bad guy). Not to mention the fact that fans got burned out on seeing him regularly at the top of the card for over a decade.

Yet, Cena persists and seems like a decent guy. So congrats to Cena but can we maybe get more than costume changes for Cena? Put him in the game, or make him a character. He could be the eighth member of The Seven, and he can be called The Hustle.

Then you can have Cena and Jones get into a hilarious battle of over-inflated egos about who will be the official eighth member of the team. It’d be hilarious.

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