3 more game modes Fortnite is hyping up on Twitter for players to try

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We’ve got some more suggestions for Fortnite players looking to shake things up.

Fortnite has a lot of game modes that fans can try out. That part of the fun of the community is that the game and even the players will always find ways to get players involved in different modes other than Battle Royale.

While Fortnite has its own game modes that fans can try out, the creator community is certainly worth your time. They put in so much effort into these projects and while Fortnite does hype them up occasionally, we don’t feel it’s consistent enough.

So we’re helping another three-game creators get their roses with another round of game mode recommendations.

Prismatic Planet by maestro_shark

Follow the musical notes to discover the Prismatic Planet. In what appears to be a single-player game where the goal is to find notes to open up different parts of the game mode, what really stands out about this mode is the ambiance it provides. It may be a Fortnite walking simulator to a degree but if you’re looking to just vibe, this may be the mode for you.

Golf-Nite by Czahny

Want to play a game of mini-golf where you’re the ball, and everything is extra-large? Well, that’s what Czahny created. It’s a pretty interesting game that seems to pit players one at a time against one another to see who can put themselves into the hole after traversing the obstacle course. It’s a pretty chilled-out environment all things considered.

Summer Party Games by PixelHuntersFN

Another Mario Party clone in Fortnite, much like Summer Vibes in the previous entry but the difference here is that each game seems to share the same map, and the variety appears to be different. So if you and your friends are tired of shooting each other in the face, try out this summer-themed party island.

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