Fortnite has officially taken down the skate park in game

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Fortnite has 86’ed the skate park in Fortnite after the following update.

Fortnite has completed their summer of suck event, wait, that wasn’t it. Sucktacular Summer? Something like that, I’m sure. Regardless of the name, Fortnite’s summer event was a giant dud, and it not only served to make fans mad but probably drove away a portion of the fanbase in the process. That’s because it centered around two core concepts that didn’t get any support; the floating skate park and the floating concert stage.

I don’t care about Fortnite and music crossovers, so I could care less if that structure is still there (and for the record I didn’t see it on Tuesday but it may still be there). What I care about is the skate park. I was a big inliner when I was young, and I adore trick sports like skateboarding, line skating, and BMX.

Games like Aggressive Inline, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and Dave Mirra’s BMX were regular rentals as a kid. So when Fortnite brought the concept of skating into the game, oh boy, was I hyped. Yet, the skating mechanic was never introduced. Fans were left in a lurch and then Epic Games went on vacation.

Now we’ve come to find out that with the latest update that brought Dragon Ball into the game, Fortnite opted to remove the skate park point of interest in the game.

Goodbye dear boy, we barely knew thee.

Fortnite has failed with Chapter 3, Season 3

The entire third season of Chapter 3 has largely been bad. The skate park and concert stages never being used are a big deal. That isn’t the only one though. The weapons in this season aren’t as fun to use, and the game isn’t putting in nearly as many outlandish and dumb stuff. Instead, choosing to focus on animal riding.

Why not just bring animal husbandry into the game at that point?

The Dragon Ball crossover came in right at the end of season three, and it’s stimulated the fanbase for sure but it’s too little, too late, to save this season.

Hopefully, we get a much better fourth season.

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