Dragon Ball breaks Fortnite record set by Naruto

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The Dragon Ball Vs Naruto rivalry will never end, not even in Fortnite.

The world of Dragon Ball is huge. The world of Naruto is huge. Both franchises defined generations for fans. For Dragon Ball, it was the Z franchise that helped turn Cartoon Network into a powerhouse. That, Gundam Wing and other late-80s, early 90s anime imports that are. For Naruto, they brought anime to Saturday mornings and became a massive hit. Naruto’s turn on broadcast television was probably only second to Pokemon.

So to say they’re both prolific animes in the United States isn’t a far-fetched thing to claim at all. The two are franchises are very similar to one another. They’re both of the shonen variety with an emphasis on strong male characters and martial arts, they both featured orange-clad main characters with a passion for feasting and they’re both hugely influential in both Japan and the United States.

A lot of Dragon Ball fans are Naruto fans and vice versa. Yet, there is a bit of a rivalry between the two fandoms and it turns out that Fortnite is only serving to stoke the flames of the feud.

Dragon Ball topples Naruto in Fortnite

Historically, the most liked Tweet in Fortnite history was the announcement of the Naruto crossover with the game series. It was a big deal and it was largely seen as one of the biggest crossovers to date. Maybe even bigger than Star Wars or Marvel.

Yet, with the release of the Dragon Ball crossover, it turns out that Naruto was supplanted by its progenitor, as the Dragon Ball announcement tweet has broken the previous likes-record set by Naruto.

Now, this is all in good fun, as both shows are wonderful, or so I’m told. I’ve never seen Naruto but you don’t get a franchise that long-running if it isn’t good and has a stable fanbase. So now the question is, what franchise breaks the Dragon Ball record?

After all, records are made to be broken.

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