All the new things in Fortnite’s Creative mode following the v21.40 update

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Fornite has updated its Creative mode for following the v21.40 update.

Fortnite continues to update its Creative mode despite promises of Creative 2.0 supposedly in the works. The game is powered in part due to the Creative aspect of the game and so much of what it provides it offers via the mode. A lot of the better game modes were created in that mode. So it’s a very important aspect of the game.

That doesn’t mean that all the changes are welcomed. Some of the quick notes (a full list of everything that changed is below) that we see include a few bugs that were causing issues. Like emoting causes you to be eliminated from certain Creative game types.

One of the things that some fans won’t like is the sprinting meter being re-added, which negates the ability to sprint as much as you like in certain cases.

What was changed in Fortnite’s Creative mode?

Below is everything you need to know about what has changed in Fortnite according to Epic Games’ official website.

No Sweat Summer Gallery

"In case you missed it, the No Sweat Summer Gallery was recently added to Creative! With this Gallery you can add the Ice Cream Truck prop and Ice Cream Consumable pickup items to your islands."

Primal Boney Burbs Prefabs and Galleries

"Boney Burbs content was also recently added, bringing five new Prefabs and and three new Galleries.Boney Burbs PrefabsBoney Burbs ShopBoney Burbs HighriseBoney Burbs Town HallBoney Burbs Gas StationBoney Burbs Clock TowerBoney Burbs GalleriesBoney Burbs Floor & Stair GalleryBoney Burbs Wall GalleryBoney Burbs Prop Gallery"

Primitive Alphabet Gallery: Letters and Numbers

"The v21.40 patch introduces a new Primitive Gallery that contains letters and numbers. All the letters and numbers can use the same colors and textures as any of the other Primitive Galleries."

Other Updates

"Prefab & Gallery UpdatesPrimitive Alphabet GalleryAdditions to the Deserted Fortress Galleries:Added four curved brick props to theDeserted Fortress Prop Gallery.Added five curved walls and three curved balcony trims to the Deserted Fortress Wall Gallery.Added the curved floor and curved staircase to the Deserted Fortress Floor and Stair Gallery.Device UpdatesThe Skydome’s default settings now more closely resemble 12 pm time in My Island settings.The Skydome has a new Post Process option that allows visual tweaks to enhance certain looks. The values are:MorningDay (default)EveningNightClassic (original style)The Prop Mover now works with more devices! Here are the additional devices you can use with the Prop Mover device:BarrierCapture Item SpawnerConsumables GalleryCustomizable LightDamage Amplifier PowerupDamage VolumeGrind PowerupHealth PowerupMap IndicatorPlayer ReferenceRace CheckpointReal Time ClockIsland Template UpdatesNew: Create a Parkour Elimination Race island templateNew: Design a Prop Hunt Game island templateBug FixesPhone Tool FixesThe placement area of the object is now displayed immediately after switching objects using the Quick Bar."

Prefab & Gallery Fixes

"The “Block 2.0” search tag has been removed from the Tilted Towers galleries.Fixed a low draw distance issue with the flotation walls from objects in the No Sweat Summer Gallery.Fixed a bullet collision issue with one of the trim assets from the Deserted Fortress Wall Gallery.Fixed a phone selection issue with some fence assets from the Durrr Burger Gallery.Fixed an issue in Racetrack Gallery H involving icons that were hard to see.Fences in Durrr Burger Gallery can now be destroyed.Fixed textures in the Cuddle Tree Prop gallery.Fixed an issue where disabled Military Lights were re-enabled when they were copy-pasted."

Device Fixes

"The Prop Mover device can now interact properly with the Hover Platform when there is an asset on the platform.Removed the Customize prompt on the Teleporter device during the Pregame phase.The Prop Manipulator device no longer forces players through objects.After placing multiple stacks inside a Supply Drop Spawner device, a player receives the same amount of ammo/resources stored prior to the mini-game.Fixed the description for the Player Counter device.Player Counter includes spectators when the Include Spectators option is set to Yes.Fixed the Tame When Receiving From option on the Wildlife Spawner device.The player is now able to eliminate the Sentry device after resetting its team.The Advance when Receiving From and Reverse when Receiving From options are now available in the Prop Mover device.Players being shot from a cannon through a Water device are now immediately slowed down as they pass through the water.Fixed an issue where button settings were resetting.Fixed an issue where crashes were occurring when players joined in-progress Creative games.Addressed an issue where the Billboard device’s text had collision.The Class Designer now properly overrides My Island Settings when the Starting Health option is set to Invincible.Fixed a visibility and collision issue on the Billboard border when the device is disabled.The Sentry now despawns properly when the device is disabled during gameplay.The Support-A-Creator device’s grid placement widget is no longer misaligned."

Gameplay Fixes

"Sprinting Energy is no longer infinite.Players are able to manually start and end the game when loading into private matchmaking.The player is no longer eliminated when entering a vehicle while emoting. Interaction prompts no longer get stuck on screen."


"Playstation 5 players can assign items to the Creative Quick Bar by using L2 + any directional or face button."

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