All the new things in Fortnite Battle Royale after the v21.40 Update

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Fortnite has updated Battle Royale with the v21.40 patch.

Fortnite has been in need of an update to this season for a long time. The third season of chapter three has largely been viewed very negatively. It isn’t the worst thing to ever grace a video game screen before, but it’s not living up to the past few seasons that the game has rolled out.

The v21.40 patch wouldn’t fix the biggest issues with the season, but it would help make the sprint to the finish line a lot more bearable. The folks at Epic released the Dragon Ball crossover with this patch and took out some unused POIs but that’s not all.

The Dragon Ball crossover brings in new “Power Unleashed!” quests that will reward players with things like back blings, emotes spray, and battle pass levels. There’s also a new Verus Board in the game, replacing the Bounty Boards. It’s the same concept but now the intention isn’t to hunt or survive but to fight.

The game also brought in Dragon Balls’ iconic Nimbus Cloud and the beloved Kamehameha blast. We’ll do a separate review of those later. There’s also a new option called the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival in the Discovery section of Fornite, allowing fans to watch select Dragon Ball Super episodes if you’re so inclined.

Fans can also, apparently, hunt down Dragon Balls on the island, join an upcoming Tournament of Power on Aug 18 for a chance to get special emoticons, banner icons, and spray, as well as purchase Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus outfits.

That’s not all as the Daily Bugle has been transformed into an old point of interest, Lazy Lagoon. This brought back cannons, which allow you to shoot your friends out of them. If you’re playing a single-mode, you can shoot off cannonballs instead, but where’s the fun in that?

Tilted Towers has also officially been rebuilt, with the winner of “The Restaurant” going to Benmac, while “The Apartments” was won by Charlee-brown and Oricent won the design for
“The Shops”.

Here are some more minor notes about Fortnite’s Battle Royale v21.40

Android devices are now running in 90 FPS if you’re so inclined to play Fortnite on your mobile phone. This of course only matters if your phone can meet the requirements to do this. If your phone isn’t capable, the option won’t magically make your phone stream the game better.

For competitive, the Kamehameha blast and the Nimbus Cloud aren’t in the competitive version of the game, nor are the Pirate Cannons. That said, you can use both the Dragon Ball items in the Tournament of Power.

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