Ranking the Marvel costumes in the Fortnite store currently

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Not all Marvel costumes are created equal in Fortnite.

Fortnite is always finding a way to bring characters to Fortnite that fans will like. Not just new ones either, Fortnite knows that they have a robust catalog that fans want a shot at to get their hands on. Everything from Gears of War, to Halo to Marvel has popped up in the store.

Speaking of Marvel, the folks from the MCU and the comics are back in the store for you to get your hands on With Marvel being back in the store, you know what means; we’re ranking them. Now usually we only have six, seven, or maybe eight costumes to rank. This means this time we’re doing it differently.

After all, with 25 characters, that’s a lot of stuff to get through. So instead we’re just going to talk briefly about all the characters underneath the order in which we ranked them in.

Ranking the Marvel Costumes

    1. Ghostrider
    2. Silver Surfer
    3. Daredevil
    4. Captain America
    5. Dark Phoenix
    6. Psylocke
    7. Thanos
    8. Mary Jane (MJ)
    9. Moon Knight
    10. Cable
    11. Domino
    12. Green Goblin
    13. Blade
    14. Venom
    15. Hawkeye
    16. Kate Bishop
    17. Gamora
    18. Nick Fury
    19. Spider-Man Zero
    20. Ant-Man
    21. Spider-Man No Way From Home
    22. Mary Jane Watson
    23. Shang-Chi
    24. Star-Lord
    25. Black Widow

So why these Top 10? Ghostrider just fits as a character for fans to play with. He’s peak Fortnite. Silver Surfer is simple but imposing, while Daredevil is such a treat to get to see on the Island. Captain America is always someone fans want, and Dark Phoenix just has an outfit that keeps her among the best designed in the game.

The same goes for Psylocke, though their attire is very similar and yes, it’s the sash on the hip that does it. Thanos, Moon Knight, and Cable all crack the Top 10 as well for their unique design or fitting design in the world of Fortnite, yet MJ from No Way Home may seem odd compared to who else is there. There’s just something about her very simple outfit compared to her superhero colleagues that appeal to me.

It’s punk-chic and I dig it. Plus she comes with a bookbag back bling. Talk about perfect.

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