Not allowing Wolverine to use his claws in Fortnite is just dumb

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Fortnite brought in Wolverine but didn’t give him his classic claws.

If you’re a fan of Fortnite, you’re probably happy that yet another Marvel Comics character is in the game. Not just any character, either. We’re talking about Wolverine, one of the most popular and dynamic characters ever created not just in Marvel but in pop culture history.

Yet, if you’re a Marvel fan who plays Fortnite, you’re probably not happy that he’s lacking the most iconic part of his character.

See, Wolverine is a mutant in the Marvel universe, which means he’s on the next plane of evolution, putting him at odds with others. Due to being a mutant and being the next line in evolution, Wolverine comes with some powers. He does have heighten senses, but those aren’t so much powers as they are by-products of his actual powers. Those are his ability to heal; which obviously wouldn’t be in the game.

And of course, his iconic claws. The most identifiable part about his character. Considering Fortnite won’t give many characters their special abilities to avoid unbalanced games, the claws would’ve worked. After all, you need a pick ax for the game anyway.

Now you could argue that maybe they can’t do the claws due to gameplay mechanic limitations. To that, I say, not so fast my friend.

Right now, in the Fortnite store, there is the Weighted Spikegloves pickaxe, which is basically Wolverine’s claws but pink and dumb. So that excuse won’t fly.

Fortnite needs to fix this Wolverine debacle like they did the Thor situation

Fortnite not giving Wolverine his claws as a pickaxe is dumb. It’s almost like they didn’t think this would be an issue. Especially considering that they just had this issue with Thor and Stormbreaker, though in reverse. Stormbreaker was locked exclusively to Thor, which angered fans as we saw Fishstick holding it last year in a trailer.

So Fortnite reversed course, unlocked it, and fans were appeased.

Will they do the same thing for Wolverine? Well, maybe.

Currently, the Epic Games staff are on vacation during the No Sweat Summer event, probably leaving the interns in charge just so the game doesn’t crash. They do deserve a break. So when they come back, this issue may be resolved.

It may not, though. We simply don’t know why the claws weren’t used and because of that, we really don’t have much hope that they’ll be given to Wolverine to properly use.

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