When is Chapter 3, Season 4 and what are the rumors surrounding the new season

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Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 3 is nearly over but what comes next?

The current season, Chapter 3, Season 3, has about a month left before it comes to a close. This season brought us a summer theme, nicknamed Vibin. It even gave us a summer event called No Sweat Summer, yet despite all that, this season has been uneven.

The weapons have been lacking, the No Sweat Summer event launched incomplete and while we got some cool outfits like John Cena and Phaedra, most of the new cosmetics this season have been lackluster.

Yet, hope springs eternal or Season 4, but what should fans expect and what are some of the rumors for the next season?

News and rumors for Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4

Chapter 3, Season 4 Start Date

The end of Chapter 3, Season 3 is currently set for Sept. 17, which means that Season 4 should start on Sept. 18. Whether it does or not is anyone’s guess, as delays have been a theme for 2022.

Rainbow Royale is returning

Also coming in September will be Rainbow Royale, returning once again to the game. Fans will be able to experience the event once again as it will likely launch either right before the start of season four, or right after the start of season four. I believe it’ll be the last thing Season 3 does, but we’ll see.

The Reality Tree taking over?

Season 3 has seen a lot of changes to the map thanks to the Reality Treek. With the roots stretching out and changing iconic landmarks and points of interest, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to think the fourth season will have much more of this but far more deadly.

Save the World coming to Fortnite?

With the Reality Tree taking root and changing everything the island is as people party their pants off, it’s rumored that the Save the World crew from Fortnite’s other game will pop up as characters that can be purchased, or as NPCs on the map.

Black Adam rumored

This one just seems obvious with the film about to come out.

Next. Skateboarding and rollerskating expected to come into Fortnite. dark