John Cena would be the perfect villain to battle The Rock and The Seven

John Cena wants to do more work with Fortnite and we have some ideas about that.

John Cena’s new costume in Fortnite is a very popular hit, leading to the former WWE Champion and Make-A-Wish record-setter to tweet out that he’s looking for more ways to interact and work with Fortnite in the future. That’s great, especially if you’re a fan of the superstar wrestler.

Yet, I think we’re all kind of burned out on duplicate costumes that you have to purchase separately. So how about we avoid doing that at all costs?

Putting Cena in the game would work beyond just a costume, however. Making Cena a character that players can interact with and maybe even hire as an NCP could work. Cena has long-standing ties to the military, often times doing charity work for them, and even starring in a military-themed movie called The Marine.

So him being a hireable NPC would make total sense for who he was. He could be this generation’s Sgt. Slaughter, was a pro wrestler who supported the troops from the 1980s. Like with Cena, he wasn’t actually a serviceman, but he did support them so much that he ended up as a character in G.I. Joe.

Yet, we have a better idea for Cena.

Make John Cena The Foundation’s rival in Fortnite

Maybe making Cena a bad guy wouldn’t fly, but having Cena come in as a member of The Seven, or a rival of The Seven, specifically with The Foundation, would make wrestling fans so excited.

For those who don’t know, The Foundation is played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and about 10 years ago, Cena and The Rock had a classic rivalry that played out at WrestleMania’s 28 and 29 respectively with the first match being a bit better than the second.

Though both are worth watching. What made those matches even better was that there was some real animosity between them. Johnson felt slighted by Cena when Cena mocked him for leaving for Hollywood. Johnson thought it was a cheap shot, and the two had some real-life beef outside of the storylines written for them.

They’ve since buried the hatchet, with Cena now doing the Hollywood thing and regretting his pasta words. So putting them together in Fortnite and letting some of that real-life tension bleed into the game would be a lot of fun to see playout.